Information and Regulations of the Garrett Contest 2024

The 8th Garrett Contest will take place on Sunday, April 28, 2024 in Cesenatico (FC) on the Free Beach of the Skyscraper (ref. Piazza Andrea Costa), under the patronage of the Municipality of Cesenatico and The Riviera Lifeguard Cooperative.
The competition is open to everyone (including children).

Participation is allowed with any brand or model of Metal Detector.

The competition area will cover approximately 3500 sqm. and will be entirely reserved for the event. The Garrett Contest is limited to a total of 300 participants.
The aim of the competition is to find special tokens previously buried in the competition field by the organizers, which are made of different types of metal and will be shown only on the day of the competition.

The tokens are located at a maximum depth of 10/15 cm. under the sand, so it is not necessary to dig large holes.
All holes MUST be carefully closed, and the found materials, if not of interest, must be thrown into the designated trash bags available on the field.
The competition will be divided into 4 qualifying rounds taking place in the morning, 2 semi-finals in the early afternoon, and a final race in the mid-afternoon.
For this purpose, competitors will be divided into different groups, each marked by a different color.

All competitors will be given a Mini “ALL BLACK” Shovel, which must be used for digging and retrieval during their qualifying round. The use of other types of digging tools is not allowed; alternatively, digging with hands is possible.

The competition number, associated with the colored sticker of the qualifying round, will be inserted in a special plastic badge with a pin, and must be displayed prominently by each competitor. During the competition, participants must wear the “Detector Shop” t-shirt, the cap, and the bag that will be used to contain the recovered tokens. Competitors may use headphones and also pinpointing metal detectors like the Pro Pointer.

Golden Coins Formula, four special tokens will be buried during the four elimination races. Whoever finds a Golden Coin will be entitled to a "Purchase Voucher" of 150 euros to be used on the site The Golden Coin will also be added to the total number of tokens recovered. If not found, the remaining Golden Coins will be drawn among all participants at the end of the Final Race (around 4:45 PM).

"Lucky Loser" at the end of the qualifying races, 20 contestants will be drawn among those who did not pass the round. The lucky ones selected will participate in the 2 Semi-Finals taking place in the afternoon.

All children up to 10 years old will be allowed entry into the competition field only if accompanied by a parent who must still have a “passive” role, i.e., cannot provide any help in the search or digging phases. The only concession is the possibility for the parent to carry the shovel.
The same rules, at the discretion of the jury, apply to contestants with obvious motor difficulties who may enter the competition field with a companion.

During the qualification rounds, the semi-finals, and the final, our charming "DETECTORINES" will enter the field with the task of "distracting" the contestants during the search. Naturally, this "disturbance" will occur randomly among participants and anyway for very short times.
Any manifestations of intolerance towards this activity will not be tolerated and in extreme cases, will lead to the disqualification of the contestant.

At the end of the Races, dozens of consolation prizes, offered by DetectorShop, will also be drawn.

Area dedicated to children

At the competition field, there will also be a special area dedicated to children, where, with the presence of parents, they can try using Garrett Metal Detectors to search for objects hidden under the sand.

In case of bad weather, the competition will still take place.

The competition (or part of the competition) may be canceled or varied at the undisputed judgment of the organizers, only in case of weather conditions deemed dangerous or for public safety reasons

Please dress appropriately according to the weather conditions and evaluate your personal limits in case of adverse weather conditions. In case of cancellation or suspension, there is no rescheduled date.
Fees paid are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another competitor with 10 days notice before the start of the event.

ATTENTION: competitors, upon entering the field, may be checked through special Garrett Super Scanner V handheld metal detectors, to prevent them from having tokens recovered in previous rounds.

Any complaints must be communicated immediately to the judges on the field, who are the sole arbitrators of the competition's conduct. The decisions of the judges on the field are final, the judges can modify them at their sole discretion only following the report of an off-field judge before the declaration of counting is made public, and not beyond the possible tie-breaker draw procedure.

Event Schedule

Saturday, April 27 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM and Sunday, April 28 from 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM
Release of competition numbers and delivery of gadgets (race pack) to participants.

Everything will be contained in a special bag and can be collected only by the registered participant in person.

Inside there will also be:

  • 1 Detectorshop Bag (valued at €9,90)
  • 1 Garrett All Terrain Dig Pouch (valued at €35.00)
  • 1 Detectorshop "Garrett Contest 2024" T-Shirt (valued at €19.90)
  • 1 RealTree Camo Cap (valued at €14.90)
  • 1 All Black XT Shovel (valued at €19.90)
  • 15% Discount Voucher to be used on the site

The value of the contest package is €99.60.

Sunday, April 28

09:00 AM

Start of qualification rounds.

Each heat will last 25 minutes, during which competitors must recover as many tokens as possible and also any other metal objects that may have been found.

Judges will be present in the competition field, who will supervise the regular conduct of operations.

During the entire event, it is strictly forbidden to pass the tokens found to other competitors, in case unsportsmanlike attitudes are detected, immediate disqualification will be proceeded.

At the end of the 25 minutes of competition, competitors will present themselves at the jury desk, where the counting of the tokens found will be carried out. The best 25 competitors of each round will be qualified for the semi-finals, which will take place in the early afternoon.
In case of a tie, i.e., the same number of tokens found, a draw will be held, to be carried out in the presence of the involved contestants, therefore at the end of the counting it is important to wait for the qualification announcement.

02:00 PM

Start of the semi-final races lasting 30 minutes, involving the winners of the qualification heats. At the end of the 30 minutes of competition, competitors will present themselves at the jury desk, where the counting of the tokens found will be carried out. The best 20 competitors of each round qualify for the final race.

In case of a tie, i.e., the same number of tokens found, a draw will be held, to be carried out in the presence of the involved contestants.

03:30 PM

Start of the final race lasting 30 minutes, involving the winners of the qualification heats. At the end of the 30 minutes of competition, the finalist competitors will present themselves at the jury desk, where the counting of the tokens found will be carried out. Also in this case, in case of a tie, a draw will be proceeded.

04:30 PM

Start of the award ceremony for the winners and all participants. At the end of the award ceremony, many GARRETT and DETECTORSHOP gadgets will be drawn among all participants, including bags, sacks, digging tools, and finally, the draw will reward the luckiest with a trip to Dallas for 2 people with a visit to the Garrett Metal Detectors factory!!!
Prizes will be delivered only to the contestants present, if the drawn participant is not present, another contestant will be drawn.


  1. The draw for the trip to Dallas for two people is reserved only for those registered and participating in the event, present in person during the draw.
  2. The drawn number that is not present in person does not win. The drawn number will be repeated up to 4 times, if not present, the next draw will proceed.
  3. It is not possible to representother registered competitors at the draw of the voucher.
  4. Upon delivery of the ticket for the trip to Dallas, an identity document may be requested to validate the name of the drawn participant.
  5. The trip to Dallas cannot be transferred or given to other people.

The winners will be photographed with the executives of Garrett USA and Garrett Italy, and the photos will be published on official social channels. At the end of the event, Garrett technicians will be available to everyone for tips, advice, and free checks on metal detectors.

For any information, you can contact the following number:

Detector Shop: +39 0547.1932150

See you on the competition field!